Church in Delhi and Gurgaon

Delhi is the capital of India. Pastor Anil Singh and his family managed the Church, which was located in the
Military quarters area, ministering to the workers of Nepali origin who live in the servant’s quarters of the
Military officers’ residences. The Church established in 2012. Many evangelical meetings were held in
the capital city since 2012 and Pastor Anil played a role in travelling with Evangelist Ipe also to other
neighboring states to minister and translate for him. Anil Singh is supported in Ministry by his wife Divya
Singh. Since 2017 the ministry connected with Pastor Surendra Singh who runs a Bible College in Delhi.
He along with Pastors Anil Singh and his brother Pastor Sunil Singh coordinated the efforts for conducting Mathai Outreach Ministries the National Pastors conference in February 2019 to be held in
New Delhi. In recent years Pastor Anil Singh moved back to Nepal and is independently managing a Church there with affiliation to Mathai Outreach Ministries.
Evangelist Ipe also connected in 2017 with Late Evangelist Vincent Bangera who resided in Gurgaon on
the outskirts of Delhi close to the International Airport, in the state of Haryana. Vincent had an outreach ministry in Jharkhand which was connected to several Pastors there, many of whom are currently being supported by Mathai Outreach through Pastor Vijender Singh. These Pastors are ordained by MOM. Late Pastor Vincent’s wife is currently leading and managing the church in Gurgaon.

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