Churches in Odisha

In 2008 there was severe persecution of Christians located in the eastern coastal state of Odisha (previously known as Orissa). Many homes and churches were burnt and desecrated by anti-Christian fundamentalists. Large population of Christian villagers had to flee to the forests and mountains nearby to avoid being killed. Senior Pastor John Varghese from the Maharashtra churches visited Kandhamal district in the state during that time to provide aid and support the persecuted Christian Believers, Pastors, church leaders and their families. In 2009, Evangelist Ipe went to Odisha and established an Orphanage to support children displaced and orphaned during the persecution.

These children received basic education by appointed Teachers during the time they were displaced as refugees. Evangelist Ipe appointed Pastor Baira Dighal and 35 other Pastors who started operating in that area. Mathai Outreach Ministries built 8 Churches in Odisha in the subsequent years. 4 New Churches were built and 4 which were partly destroyed by persecutors were re-build. Evangelist Ipe also spend time Ministering in the region in 2013 and 2017 with Sister Susie. The Churches continue to successfully operate under Pastor Baira Dighal’s regional leadership and supported by Pastor Deepak Shelke. Late in 2019, Pastor Kuna Dighal joined the Ministry and was apointed as a local leader overseeing a team of 10 Pastors. Gospel work and missions activities continue to actively grow and flourish among the Churces in Odisha.

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